Our Story

Bahama Hand Prints was established in Nassau, The Bahamas in 1966 by artists Helen Astarita and Berta Sands. Their bold and brilliant designs still widely used today became the trademark of Bahama Hand Prints.

Today, Bahama Hand Prints continues under the ownership of Alannah and David van Onselen, who purchased the company in 2018.  While the signature style of Bahama Hand Prints began with Helen and Berta, and can be seen in our collection of vintage designs, many new print designs have been added to the Bahama Hand Prints repertoire.  

From the printing table, our fabric is used for home decor and to create garments, accessories and home furnishings, which are developed in-house, crafted by our talented sewing team and introduced each season in our New Collection.

We Welcome Visitors

Visitors are welcome to drop-in at the factory and watch our printers at work. It is a thrilling experience to observe yards of plain fabric being transformed into colourful art, with designs that capture the beauty of The Bahama Islands.

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