About Us

Bahama Hand Prints was established in 1966 by two dynamic artist Helen Astarita and Berta Sands. Together they mastered the traditional method of hand screen printing, transferring their beautiful designs on to fabric.

Today the new owners Alannah & David van Onselen of Bahama Hand Prints take pride in upholding what the founding artist began.

All of the designs are exclusive Bahama Hand Prints, created by the founders and other local artist capture the beauty found here in our islands.

All of our fabrics are printed at our factory located on Ernest street. The majority of our items are sewn in house by our very talented team of sewers.

Customers can choose from our large print repertoire and we will print the design to their colour specification.

The fabrics are used to create a clothing and bag collection, can’t live without home accessories or sold by the yard to those who want to craft their own wears or take home a friendly reminder of the Bahamas.

We welcome visitors to come in and experience what we do here at Bahama Hand Prints.


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