Fabric Inspiration & Fabric Care

Featuring our vintage design “Sea Treasures” in 100% acrylic indoor/outdoor fabric.
Contemporary fabrics”Peace, Love, Dove” & “Snow on the Mountain” in 100% Cotton Poplin
Featuring our contemporary design “Snow on the Mountain” in 100% cotton poplin fabric.
Featuring our contemporary design “Dilly’s Paisley” in 100% cotton poplin fabric.
Featuring our vintage design “Sea grapes” in 100% acrylic indoor/outdoor fabric.


Contemporary design
Contemporary design “Coconut Shade” on 100% acrylic indoor/outdoor fabric


Fabric Care

Cotton Fabrics

As with all fine fabrics close attention to the fabric care instructions will result in long lasting colour vibrancy and fabric wear and tear.

For Upholstery fabrics rotate furniture seat cushions periodically for more even wearThis will also balance exposure to the sun. When spills occur using a gentle touch, carefully blot up any spills  with a towel. Do not rub frantically. When washing becomes necessary machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Use regular laundry detergent, special detergents and cleaners are not recommended. Line dry and use a warm iron as needed.

Do not dry clean.

Indoor-Outdoor Acrylic Printed Fabrics

Prints of 100% acrylic are naturally soil and stain resistant. To prolong the life of the fabric, remove outdoor cushions from direct sunlight and other elements when not in use. Turn cushions regularly for more even wear and exposure to the sun. Please note that outdoor fabrics are water repellent, not waterproof.

Cleaning instructions

Normal Stains / Dirt

Remove loose dirt with a soft bristle brush or hose down with cold water. Clean with a mixture of water and mild soap. Rub in mixture with a soft brush and allow to thoroughly soak into fabric. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and air dry. Never use water over 100˚F. Do not machine-dry. DO NOT USE DETERGENT.

Do not use bleach on printed acrylic fabrics, as it will fade the printed pattern.

Stubborn Stains & Dirt

Remove as much surface dirt as possible. Soak fabric in cold water and mild soap for minimum 1 hour. Rub in mixture of mild soap and water with soft brush and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Air dry. Never use water over 100˚F. Do not machine-dry. DO NOT USE DETERGENT.

Additional tips about our hand printed fabrics

– The print [or pattern] has been produced according to the traditional hand printing process.

– As with all hand printed products, varying textures, colours and print variations is a wanted feature and is not to be considered a fault.

– Exposure to direct sunlight will result in fading and alteration from the fabrics original colour[s]. Even fabrics used in sunrooms or under porches are subject to sun exposure and fading.

– Our interior fabrics are not treated with any chemicals to resist outdoor conditions.

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